Roof & Wall Protection in Dunbartonshire

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Energy Saving Roof & Wall Protection in Dunbartonshire

Homeshield is your Roof & Wall Coating Specialist covering Dunbartonshire, which include West Dunbartonshire and East Dunbartonshire, and includes Alexandria, Dumbarton, Clydebank, Bearsden and Milngavie, Kirkintilloch, Bishopbriggs, Arrochar, Bonhill, Cardross, Craigrownie, Cumbernauld, Dalreoch, Luss, New Kilpatrick, Old Kilpatrick, Renton, Rhu, Rosneath and Rossdhu. We come to your home to complete a survey of your property and give you a valid quote lasting for 12 months.

If you have your roof cleaning, we remove all the moss, lichen and grit, and we give your roof a coating to protect it against all weather elements. We will also fix any cracked or broken tiles. Our work on roofs comes with a ten-year guarantee, and this work could also improve the value of your home.

If you are thinking about Energy Efficient Wall Protection for your home, our wall coating services are for you. Once your property has been down, the coating is self-cleaning and improves thermal efficiency. This coating also allows walls to breathe naturally.

Before we work on your property walls or roof, we will inspect the area for any faults and report these back to the client. There is a chance of a roughcast repair with the walls, but we will look at everything. With the roof, even a roof replacement could be required if it is in an actual back state. But in most cases, the client will know if a new roof is needed, with the number of issues they have had over the years. This gives the client 100% control. Our Homeshield exterior roof and wall coating comes in many colours, which provide a protective layer on the roof and walls. These colour options are available within our project pages on this website.

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Protect & Seal Your Home

Prepare & Protect surrounding areas.

Clean roof to remove years of moss and lichen

Chemically wash roof/walls to eliminate any further moss and lichen growth

Replace ALL cracked and broken tiles (up to 150)

Repair rouchcast and re-point and cement ridges and verges (where applicable)

Apply a MINIMUM of two coatings of your chosen colour

Thoroughly clean up and remove all moss and debris.

Summary of Benefits

Removal of all moss, lichen from your property

Walls/Tiles sealed to prevent any future water ingress

Thermal insulation of roof/walls improved

Overall appearance of house transformed