Our Roof and Wall Services at Homeshield

Our Roof and Wall Services at Homeshield

Please find out about our services at the roof and wall coating specialists. Covering Scotland and Northern England

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Our Roof and Wall Services: Protect & Seal Your Home

Homeshield is your Roof and Wall Coating Specialist giving your property Energy Saving Roof and Wall Protection. You will not be disappointed with the level of detail and the standard of our work from Homeshield. If you are looking for a FREE QUOTE and a VISIT to your property, please fill out our FREE QUOTE FORM for either your roof, walls, or both. Please fill out our quick form on this website, and we will call you within a couple of days to arrange a home visit. We will survey your property and give you two quotes if you require to have your roof repaired and remove moss. Our quote will be to repair your roof or walls and give you at least two coatings of our Thermal Roof Coatings System.

Available colours for your roof

Below is the popular primary colour we can coat your roof with our energy-saving coatings. Please ask us for the complete list of coating colours if non of these colours suits your property.


Available colours for your walls

Below is the popular primary colour we can coat your walls with our energy-saving coatings. Please ask us for the complete list of coating colours if non of these colours suits your property.

Rustic Beige
Polar White
Light Grey

Summary of Procedure

Prepare & Protect surrounding areas.

Clean roof to remove years of moss and lichen

Chemically wash roof/walls to eliminate any further moss and lichen growth

Replace ALL cracked and broken tiles (up to 150)

Repair rouchcast and re-point and cement ridges and verges (where applicable)

Apply a MINIMUM of two coatings of your chosen colour

Thoroughly clean up and remove all moss and debris.

Summary of Benefits

Removal of all moss, lichen from your property

Walls/Tiles sealed to prevent any future water ingress

Thermal insulation of roof/walls improved

Overall appearance of house transformed

Some Homeshield Coating Facts

  • Improves the look of your home
  • 10-Year Guarantee (Even If You Move Home)
  • Energy Saving
  • Enhances The Look Of Your Home
  • Total Moss, Lichen and Grit Removal
  • Will not Fade, Peel or Crack. And That's Guaranteed
  • Price Promise All Cracked And Broken Tiles Replaced (Up To 150)
  • Will Reduce Condensation
  • Superb Choice Of Colours Available

Some Homeshield Coating Facts

The "Homeshield Thermal Wall Coating System" is probably the finest coating system in today's marketplace.


You will recognise the excellent water repellent properties by its beading behaviour. It keeps walls dry and makes them highly resistant to biological hazards, mould, mildew and other growths and pollutants.


The unique coating technology allows the walls to breathe naturally. A breathable wall will improve the thermal conductivity and insulation properties.


Dirt particles are unable to obtain a hold on the coated wall, and it simply flows off with the rain droplets. The wall remains clean and attractive.


The wall coated will be protected against the destructive impact of the sun, wind and other weather conditions (acid rain and salt spray). It will be weather protected and colour stable for years to come.

Areas Covered By Homeshield

View the areas covered with our Roof Repair/Coating and Walls Coating Services. We have divided this into Scottish and English regions, but please remember if you stay in a small village, it might not be mentioned on the page, but we will cover the entire area. We covered most of Scotland and the North of England. Please click on the image or the location name for more details about each place. For more information to see if we cover your area, please get in touch with us.