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Our Roof and Wall Services: Protect & Seal Your Home

Homeshield uses a specialist thermal roof coating made in Germany exclusively for the British Climate to create a thermal barrier between the roof and the outside weather conditions, helping to prevent heat loss from the building through the roof. This helps to reduce your fuel bills and carbon footprint.

Energy Saving Roof & Wall Protection For Your Home. It's Your Biggest Investment!

Meets and exceeds standards for coatings

100% pure acrylic resin for best performance

We have over 30 years of experience in roof coating manufacture

Life expectancy in excess of 10 years

Water and dirt repellant

Can be applied to clay tiles

Our process

Roof cleaning

Our specialist installers conform to all health and safety parameters within the industry. The roof tiles are cleaned by high-pressure water jetting, which removes all traces of moss, algae, lichen, pollutants and carbonation. The gutters are cleaned inside and outside to remove all silt that builds up over time. This process is performed under great care so as not to block any existing down pipes. We protect your belongings by covering them before we begin work, and at the end of the process, we clean up the surroundings to make the entire roof repair process hassle-free and tidy for you.

Preparation work

All worn-out mortar between crests, ridge and hip tiles is removed and replaced with a fibre re-enforced polymer mortar, and any loose ridges and crests are re-bedded. Any broken, cracked, and damaged roof tiles are replaced with the same or similar type. Any damaged mortar verges are resealed and ready for the next stage.

Biocide wash

The existing surfaces are coated with a biodegradable detergent, clearing any underlying mosses or lichens family. This prevents any future growth of those unwanted guests, thereby preventing spoilage of the finished coating from underneath.

Thermal barrier

A special thermal insulating coating is applied to the roof. It is UV stabilised, self-cleaning, and water repellent and its thermal qualities help insulate your roof. At the same time, it significantly improves roof quality, durability and functionality.

Final sealer Coat waterproof barrier

Airless spray equipment is used to apply the final coat in the clients' chosen colour. This final coat reseals the roof, forming a water barrier preventing any water from being absorbed by the roof tiles. However, it does not become a vapour barrier but allows your roof to breathe.

Once our roof renovation program is complete, you can have confidence in the enhanced appearance for your home, adding property value and increasing the life span of your roof. Saving money on energy and heat loss all with a ten year no quibbles warranty.

Areas Covered By Homeshield

View the areas covered with our Roof Repair/Coating and Walls Coating Services. We have divided this into Scottish and English regions, but please remember if you stay in a small village, it might not be mentioned on the page, but we will cover the entire area. We covered most of Scotland and the North of England. Please click on the image or the location name for more details about each place. For more information to see if we cover your area, please get in touch with us.