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Exterior Thermal Roof Coatings and Repairs: Strathblane, Central Scotland

Roof Protective Coating in Strathblane

Roof Protective Coating in Strathblane

Homeshield repaired and coated this lovely bungalow in Strathblane with excellent results, and the work on the roof gave the roof a new lease of life that would last for years. Homeshield did a property survey on the roof, which was covered in moss, grime and dirt from weather events over the years, to find out the roof size and then quoted a price to remove all the moss, lichen, dirt and grit built up on the titles over the years. We then coated the roof twice in a grey-coloured coating with our Thermal Roof Coating System, which made a massive difference to the appearance of this Strathblane property. The energy-saving coatings made an enormous difference to the life the roof is going to have. Our client in Strathblane was highly pleased with the difference this roof coating made to the semi-detached property and thrilled with the outcome of the moss removal and coating system. The bonus is that it has been protected for years with its energy-efficient coatings.

Our Thermal Roof Coating System massively improves the home's appearance and can increase the market value. It also stops the build-up of moss and other dirt for several years. This coating makes the house warmer in winter as the home retains the heat but is cooler in the summer, as the coating reflects the sun back into the earth's atmosphere, which is an instant energy saver for the property owners.

Before we do any work on your roof, we will inspect your property, giving your roof inspection a thorough lookover. Once completed, it will show if anything requires repairs or even a roof replacement would be better, giving you 100% control over how you want to proceed. Once we have cleaned your roof, Homeshield, we will give it our special roof coating protection twice to the roof area.

All our work by Homeshield is guaranteed for ten years, and with our professional, highly trained workers, this job was done on time, with little hassle for the owners.

If you would like a free quote from Homeshield, as we cover the whole of the Central Scotland region, you can either call us on 0330 223 5785 or fill out the quick form on this website at Request a FREE Quote. Please state you are from Strathblane or your local location and let us know your postcode. If you would rather email us, our main contact email address is

Available colours for your roof

Below is the popular primary colour we can coat your roof with our energy-saving coatings. Please ask us for the complete list of coating colours if non of these colours suits your property.


Protect & Seal Your Home

Prepare & Protect surrounding areas.

Clean roof to remove years of moss and lichen

Chemically wash roof/walls to eliminate any further moss and lichen growth

Replace ALL cracked and broken tiles (up to 150)

Repair rouchcast and re-point and cement ridges and verges (where applicable)

Apply a MINIMUM of two coatings of your chosen colour

Thoroughly clean up and remove all moss and debris.

Summary of Benefits

Removal of all moss, lichen from your property

Walls/Tiles sealed to prevent any future water ingress

Thermal insulation of roof/walls improved

Overall appearance of house transformed